Real Intelligence. Automated Execution

WolfCycle is a full-service customer acquisition agency. Leveraging a suite of automation and artificial intelligence tools, we help scale your business. Our customized managed system sources the most current and targeted prospect data, engages, qualifies, and nurtures leads enabling your team to close more deals.

Better Data. Better Efficiency. Better Margins.


Intelligent AI Virtual Assistants

Our AI Virtual Assistants work tirelessly to find more qualified opportunities by automatically engaging your leads with carefully crafted, human-like, two-way conversations. Our AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to communicate over email, chat and SMS.

When a qualified lead is ready to talk, your Virtual Assistant automatically books a meeting on your calendar.

Never miss a marketing lead again

Increase MQL closing rates without adding headcount

AI-Powered Assistant

Automate lead follow-up & engagement with 2-way human-like email & SMS conversations

Website Chatbot

Convert website visitors into qualified leads, and schedule meetings for your team

AI Lead Qualification

Automatically ask qualifying questions and pass sales ready leads to your team

Meeting Scheduler

Automatically schedule qualified meetings for your reps over chatSMS and email

Intelligently Source Opportunities Throughout the Funnel

Common playbooks used by marketing teams

Lead Qualification

Ensure every lead is followed-up, qualified, and schedule meetings for your reps.

√ Up to 2X sales qualified leads

√ Reduce your cost of acquisition by 75%

Reactivate Dormant Leads

Find sales-ready leads within your existing marketing leads.

√ Maximize your marketing investment

√ Never miss a lead again

Webinar follow-up

Convert more webinar leads into qualified sales opportunities.

√ 10% more post-event qualified meetings

√ Increase post-event engagement

Website Chatbot

Convert more website visitors into qualified opportunities.

√ 7.5% increase in conversion rate

√ Increase the quality of top-funnel leads

Customer Renewals

Automate renewal process and identify who needs a human touch.

√ Reduce churn

√ Optimize your CSM productivity

Conversational Nurturing

Engage your existing leads in a human-like dialog at scale.

√ Find 3X more sales-ready leads

√ Personalize conversation for each lead

A Path to Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

Immediate and persistent follow-up ensures that good leads won’t be ignored and that Sales won’t waste time on unqualified leads.


Seamlessly Integrates with your Workflow

WolfCycle integrates with all the major CRMs, marketing automation and sales automation platforms with just a few clicks.

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