An online advertising campaign for your small business can be extremely effective. The sky’s the limit when it comes to maximizing your company’s results through digital advertising; whether it be brand awareness, sales, or conversion rates.

Initially, small businesses have only one primary objective—to grow. Word-of-mouth marketing, advertising, and product placement are important factors to gain a competitive advantage. For companies trying to promote their brand, digital marketing strategies are essential. Check out the benefits of digital advertising and how you can put them to use for your business.


Plannable and easy to update

In contrast to traditional advertising, digital advertising offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard to help you understand how successful your efforts are by measuring the key aspects of your campaign. For example, you can gauge how many people have opened your newsletter email or clicked your call-to-action (CTA).

With digital advertising, you can easily collect key demographic data about your audience and quickly ascertain what works as well as what doesn’t so you can adjust your messaging to produce the best results.

Put your dollar to work

Small businesses have small budgets, so they must be cautious about spending their resources. As opposed to mass media advertising such as television, radio, print, or billboards, digital advertising gets better results for a lower price.

You can buy 1,000 impressions or clicks on Google or Facebook Ads for a fraction of the cost of constructing a billboard or print advertisement. And it may be more effective as well!

Provides a targeted approach

Ads on the internet are targeted. Your advertisement is only seen by those who truly are interested in it, saving you time and helping you maximize your marketing budget.
By using relevant keywords, you can target your ideal customers on Google or directly on social media platforms. Digital advertising has a virtually limitless reach. No matter where you are located, you can reach everyone you want to sell your products or services to—traditional advertising simply can’t compete with digital advertising.


When you are doing it on your own, it may seem difficult to create an effective digital advertising campaign. WolfCycle makes the process simple. Discover how we can help your business achieve meaningful results for your next campaign by visiting our website or contacting us today.

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