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Discover the AI-Driven Virtual Sales Assistants that Create Personal Conversations at Scale


How It Works

Virtual Sales Assistants software uses conversational AI to work alongside your sales and marketing teams. Convert more leads to and increase lead qualification to schedule more meetings using automated, personalized and contextual responses and follow-ups


Exceed’s sales assistant personably interacts with leads via an email or chat-like form on your website


It answers questions, handles objections, and responds to requests


The assistant intelligently nurtures leads with follow-ups to guide them through the funnel


It qualifies leads based on your playbook and through human-like conversations


Once qualified, the assistant will seamlessly hand the leads to your sales reps for closing

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence

Understands leads’ replies when they have questions, show interest, have objections, or even “out of office,” and responds accordingly.

Automatically Updates your CRM

Updates your CRM with the latest status when leads are qualified, change jobs, leave their company, wrong person, or ask to be contacted later.

Lead Qualification

Ask qualifying questions to identify if a lead is ‘sales ready’. A virtual SDR can automate the entire process for most businesses and then hand over the lead to a rep to close.


Uses firmographics and user profile data to tailor each conversation for each lead.

Dynamic Nurturing

AI virtual assistants are an automated lead follow up system that identifies a lead’s decision point in the journey and nurtures them according to their needs.

Meeting Scheduler

Efficiently schedule meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth communications so you can close more deals and convert more opportunities.
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